As a full- time yoga teacher I have come to a conclusion. A successful yoga practice is not one in which you have a perfect tripod headstand… or that you are able to bring your forehead to your knee in ‘Janushirasana.’


A successful yoga practice is really just about taking time out. Taking time to breathe…. to reconnect with yourself.

Whether this is in a yoga class or not. My husband… who very rarely blesses us with his presence in yoga class reminds me of this. He surfs. He surfs pretty much everyday. This is his yoga. This is his time to just breathe… to be present… to connect with something higher. I honor this. I see the benefit. The days he has gone out in the water he is a better expression of his higher self. I feel the same about my practice. I practice yoga to reconnect with my higher self. Some days it’s just about breathing…. stepping back…. and realizing how beautiful life already is. So much of the time we are concerned with– “What is next?” that we fail to realize the beauty that surrounds us on a daily basis. This is my yoga practice. To step back… to just breathe… and to realize how beautiful and amazing things already are. As a teacher… if I teach a student how to get into ‘Bakasana’ …that’s fantastic– It takes patience and discipline. But if I enable a student to step back and “just breathe”… that is probably the best teaching I can offer.

This is a mantra I love and feel very connected to (so much so…I had it tattooed across my back).

Venus Mantra:

“Om shum shukraaye namah”

“I honor the beauty and positivity that surrounds me”

Lisa Saremi

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