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Did you know that BPA (or Bisphenol-A), the chemical found in the considered for use as a pharmaceutical hormone replacement? BPA is also found in clear hard plastics known as polycarbonate.

These are often used in camping bottles, baby bottles, food processor bowls, and blender carafes. Certain things (heat, oil, acidity, and abrasion) increase the rate in which BPA is released from the plastic into the foods you eat. That’s right… That plastic gets right into your food! Care for a little BPA with your lunch?

This chemical, consistently found in the blood of people tested, is capable of mimicking natural estrogen in the human body, and is linked to symptoms like weight gain, obesity and insulin resistance and diabetes.


  1. Avoid canned foods whenever possible, in particular canned tomatoes which have higher levels of BPA. Opt for jarred tomatoes instead.
  2. Companies like Eden Organics, Native Forest, Eco Fish & Vital Choice offer some products in BPA-Free cans. These are your preferred choices in a pinch!
  3. When possible, always opt for glass & stainless steel for containers that come in contact with food. In the case of popular blenders like Vitamix, which only come in plastic – always hand wash with warm water and a soft sponge and avoid using with hot foods. (And note that even though the latest models of Vitamix containers are BPA-free, they should still be hand washed).

Lisa Saremi

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