1. Eat local.

2. Eat Seasonally.

3. Eat organic foods.

Have you ever thought whether or not eating banana in a New York winter makes sense. Today we have so many options when it comes to food. Yet what would best serve our bodies the best is to


If we use our common sense, and think back to the days when all todays abundant choices were not avallable we will find that we only ate foods available locally and seasonally. I am not saying don’t ever eat a bannana in New York in the dead of winter, I’m just saying begin to be aware of our choices, and how they are in synch with the seasons and our locaity, and most importantly your body. Think about what our farmers and food producers have had to do to make our food choices available all year round and what impacts that has on the nutritional quality, our enviroment, and your body.

Life in general is a dance of cycles and seasons that honor the natural ebb and flow of production. All fruits and vegtables are more abundant in some seasons and locations than others. Although some of us don’t realize it, this is also true for meat and eggs. Seasonally speaking it makes more sense to eat chicken in the summer and beef and pork in the fall and winter. With eggs the birds also have a natural physiological cycle for egg production and farmers must use lights and other measures to stimulate off season production. This all results in impacting the nutritional quality of our food. Sometimes produce must travel thousands of miles to get to your supermarket or seed/growing environment had to be modified to promote it’s production.

Lisa Saremi

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