Your intestines play a significant role in overall health. Along with your lungs, skin, and kidneys, your bowels eliminate bodily toxins. At the same time, once the food you eat reaches your intestines, villi (small, fingerlike projections on intestinal walls) absorb nutrients and deliver them to the rest of your body.

Gut flora is important too. Your intestines contain more then 100 trillion bacteria and microorganisms. The friendly bacteria in your guy stimulate blood antibodies, allow your body to deal wit toxins and allergens, produce vital nutrients, protect you from harmful bacteria and parasites, aid in digestion, and fight foreign invaders that could lead to infection. with all of that on its plate, plenty can go wrong in your bowel if you don’t look out for it’s health. When your bowel gets tuned up with toxins and goo, it is unable to foster efficient elimination. The result is toxic buildup that affects your health and beauty on all levels. If the villi also become clogged, it can lead to poor or absent nutrient absorption, resulting in lack of energy and malnutrition, as well as skin issues like dull skin. In the absence of healthy guy flora, parasites and “bad” bacteria can flourish, leading to gas, bloating, infection, and skin issues like acne. Clearly, for all of these reasons, a healthy colon is necessary.

Lisa Saremi

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