4 Day RAW Food Journey Pricing

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This is a 4-day journey and discovery with RAW food, and you can do it however you like…  We meet and collectively make amazing RAW Food together with recipes that are specific to the season.  You to take home all the food you need to cleanse for the four days or just to explore what RAW food is about and all its benefits.

You take home a breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert for each day and even a bonus recipe.  All the recipes are provided to you in a Survival Handbook in addition to everything you would want to know about cleansing and how to best support yourself on a cleanse.

We also work with local businesses and negotiate some discounts just for you being a part of this journey!  We are here to serve you, your needs and reasons for joining us.  Be ready to have fun, feel good and simply have the BEST TIME EVER!!!

We even have a celebration on that Friday to connect and share about out experience.  Below are just a few images from previous Raw Food Journeys.

Lisa Saremi

  4 Day RAW Food Journey Pricing


Did you know the average American’s concept of a wholesome diet is largely comprised of over-processed foods, full of chemicals and toxins, that make it difficult for our bodies to experience vitality, energy, and a clear mind?  This is partly why we age prematurely and begin to feel like we are “getting old.”  When we deprive ourselves of real food, we deprive ourselves of real nutrition.  Lower level nutrition and toxic food choices are why one out of every two Americans develop cancer, heart disease or diabetes.  When we make poor food choices and endure high levels of chronic stress, it begins to manifest as dis-ease, aka disease.  When we amplify the mindfulness of our choices and start to add in more healthful choices rather than mindlessly consume chemically-adulterated, over-processed foods, we naturally begin to feel better on all levels.  Most of the products sold in supermarkets have been pasteurized, a process that destroys nutrients and creates health-depleting chemicals.  It literally alters the chemistry of the foods we are eating as well as zapping the vitality and life force energy in the foods when otherwise consumed in their whole state.

Each part of your body, from the individual cells to large organs, create your energy and mood level and is composed of material derived from food.  When you begin to eat real food and discover its undeniable significance to how you feel throughout the day, the light turns on inside of your mind: you begin to realize that for all these years, the foods you have been eating have been depriving you from experiencing your natural vital state of being.   So why RAW food?

“The act of cooking and the resultant loss of nutrients, enzymes and oxygen impair our digestion and elimination, which are the two most controlling factors of nutrient absorption that regulate our metabolism.”  Dr. Brian Clemente, Life Force

The majority of RAW foods like sprouts, fruits, and fresh veggie juices are easy to digest, which means they require less energy from our body to digest.  By selecting these RAW foods, we are able to redirect our energy towards fueling our minds and repairing damaged cells and tissues. We become mentally alert and rejuvenated.  Eating RAW foods will transform your body into being the way nature intended it to be. Your skin will glow, your hair will glisten, and you will simply begin to radiate from the inside out.  When you begin to eat more RAW foods, you are reunited with the living energy of the foods and with life itself.  The enzymes in live foods aid your digestion and make it easier for your body to do what it has been designed to do which is to eliminate the numerous toxins that we take in from not only the foods we eat but from our environment as well (e.g., cleaning supplies, skin care, hair products…etc).  In addition to the obvious increase in nutrition and support we give our bodies to do what they are designed to do, you also begin to develop a new relationship to food.  You can connect with the foods before you enjoy them, slowing things down from food preparation to consumption, which in turn begins to support us in reducing the amount of stress in our bodies and our lives.

As with any habitual shift, adding in more RAW foods into your life takes some investment of time and mindfulness, but the payoff is worth it. Just ask yourself:

1.  Do I want to be more vibrant and have increased positive energy or do I want low energy and to feel down and tired all the time?

2.  Do I want to live a long, enjoyable life, or do I want to take years off my life by making poor food choices?

3.  Do I want to fit into the clothes I like and feel good about myself or do I want to continue to battle with the scale as each year passes by?

This is your chance to wake up and break away from the destructive habits that have done nothing but bring your down, day after day, year after year and instead experience real food and live the best life you could ever imagine.  Some people find that a RAW food diet resonates well for them long-term while others benefit from the simple increase of knowledge and awareness as they introduce more RAW foods into their lives.

The most important thing is taking the time to educate yourself more about what your body needs to thrive so that you can feel your best, look your best and be your best.  Join us for a 4 day RAW food journey to learn more about why and how.  RAW food can be very tasty, enjoyable and simple to make. This journey is designed to simply open your eyes to a world of what is possible when you give your body more of what it deserves.


  • 4 Full days of RAW food for cleansing, collectively prepared and ready for you to eat.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert is included for each day.  The portions are generous and you will be more than satiated.
  • Printouts of each recipe prepared on the 4-day journey and a FULL cleansing handbook to empower you and set you up for success.
  • Discounts from local businesses to help support you while you are cleansing (e.g., fresh juices, infrared sauna sessions, and more…)
  • FULL support from me to be successful however you would like your journey to go.
  • We will be preparing all the meals together so you will also have a hands-on learning experience on how to make RAW food in the comfort of your own home.

My intention for offering this 4 Day RAW Food Journey is to educate and empower you to discover and uncover what real food can do for your mind, body, and spirit.


Here are what others have said that have done this program:

“The things I learned about myself, my relationship to food and how to move forward eating healthier and making healthier choices are priceless and have changed my life”  Zahra Milton


” I can’t believe that in just 4 days of being on this journey I lost weight, felts better, could think clearer and got so many new recipes to make that are easy and delicious for me and my family.” Amy


” I recommend this program to anyone who is interested in taking a moment to reset.  Cleansing can be challenging enough on your own and with the 4 Day RAW Food Journey you have all the foods ready to go and are in it with a community of people.  It makes the process so much easier and rewarding”  Joshua Kenyon

4 Day RAW Food Journey Pricing

Lisa Saremi