If you think yoga isn’t for you, I would highly encourage that you reconsider. The word ‘yoga’ itself means ‘union’ and ‘union with the divine,’ and the practice can add so many amazing benefits to your life.

Are you ready to develop your physical, matin mobility and range of motion, as well as,  improve mental strength, posture and balance, get in touch with your body, and change your life for the better? Fantastic!

It’s simple—you can start your journey now with Lisa’s guidance and support. As a yoga therapist Lisa works with individuals to learn how to use yoga practices to minimize their suffering. To empower themselves for better self regulation, to be responsive to life rather than reactice. Browse below and select the session that will best fit your needs. 

Private Yoga Therapy

Private yoga therapy will both allow you to individualize your healing experience and support you in blossoming on your yoga journey.  This option is perfect if you are looking to:

* Heal physical or emotional injury. Master proper alignment or yoga poses.

* Expand your knowledge and develop a deeper understanding of the sacred 8 limbs of yoga, chakra system, energetic body, and various yoga philosophies. How can we integrate all yoga practices into our daily living for our optimal experience and well being.

* Develop a custom physical yoga practice. It can be customized to meet your body and lifestyle needs.  This practice will be something you can do at home by yourself, with a partner, or while on the road.

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Corporate / Group Yoga




In our group and corporate yoga wellness programs, we will collectively focus on a goal and desired outcome for the group or organization. Your sessions will be custom-designed to fulfill those intentions and desired outcomes. These classes and programs will be fully customized and may incorporate several modalities from:

* breath work

* yoga

* meditation 

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Mind / Body / Spirit Wellness Programs (Group & Individual)


These programs are designed with specific intentions and outcomes in mind in order to elevate each person physically, mentally and spiritually.  They are self-maintenance and expansion programs.  Just as we must invest time and money to maintain the cars we drive, it makes sense to invest in the maintenance and expansion of our own minds, bodies, and spirits.  Each program will incorporate a variety of wellness practices and rituals focused on supporting you as you accomplish your specific wellness goals.  These programs are perfect for people and groups that are seeking to:

 * Increase energy

* Improve health

* Reduce stress

* Radiate from the Inside Out

* Find transformation

* Achieve a reset or stop feeling stuck

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All programs and sessions are custom-designed. Together, we can create a customized plan to help support your goals and intentions. Pricing will vary based on the plan that is best for you. If the available times do not work for you, please call or text: 1-949-338-1449 to book your session.