Holistic Wellness Coaching 


All of our transformational programs are designed to call you to step into your higher self—a self you may discover for the first time.

To transcend beyond our limits, we must bring ourselves into full alignment with our minds, bodies, and spirits.  Our Holistic Wellness Coaching programs are designed to take on a whole life or holistic approach.  They are designed with the intention of healing and transformation.  We are committed to supporting you and creating results in your life, not just on the outside but on the inside.  Let’s take this journey together to deepen your understanding about yourself in a whole new way—a way built on trusting yourself and your truth.  You will learn more about how to listen to yourself in a whole new way and bring your mind, body and spirit into full alignment.  We will be looking at your life from the inside out, from the foods that you eat to the rituals and structures you have in place and what they are supporting.  Be prepared to step into your highest self.  Our promise to you is that life will never be the same again after our coaching program.  Through an interview / consultation, we can determine what type of coaching package is best for you. We are results-driven, and we interview everyone prior to enrollment in our coaching program.  

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Mind & Body Reboot


The Mind & Body Program is run with an individual or group. It is a program focused specifically on cleansing the mind, body and spirit by using food as the foundation of the cleanse.  This program is run in various time increments.  It can be completed in 4, 14, or 21 days.  We can also customize a cleanse that works best for you.  We will focus on accomplishing your goals and supporting you in stepping out of your comfort zone to learn more about yourself on all levels. Personalized cleansing and nutrition programs are available. 

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6-month Warrior Wellness Program


The Six Month Warrior Wellness Program can be run on an individual or group basis.  This 6-month program is a self-journey through food and our relationship to food.  You will deeply evaluate what is healthy and take the time to learn your body better.  You will discover what foods make you vibrate on a higher level and what foods may even take away from the energetic you.  Most importantly, we will find balance so that we can set ourselves up to thrive, so that each day we feel good. Over a lifetime, we can treat our bodies in a way that will allow them to support us in the most optimal way. This program is a delicious six-month journey of learning more about yourself in an unimaginable way.

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Healthy Food Nuts Cooking Classes

Let the Healthy Food Nuts teach you how to become a healthy food nut in the kitchen. Learning tips, tricks, and recipes that will quickly up level your skills in the kitchen. With the right tools, recipes, and a little practice you too can learn how to make delicious, nutritious meals easy at home that will transform your life. Both individual and group classes available. Keep your eyes on the calendar or contact us today to set up your own private classes. Location is flexible and we can come to your home.