Yogini & (E-RYT) Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher

Yoga Sculpt Certified

Certified Holistic Health Coach

Reiki II Practitioner

When you’re working with Lisa, then together you journey to find your inner truth and answers, and learn ways to train yourself that work best for you to trust yourself for a lifetime.

Lisa Saremi’s passion is to create experience, space, and provide tools for people to transform into their highest self.  Lisa has always had a passion in her heart, seeking to call forth the best in others and herself, even when she worked in the corporate world of real estate, or any of her past ventures.  On her journey she spent many years looking outward for answers by engaging with different programs, healers, and modalities to find answers and deepen her understanding of herself.  In the end she learned that she is her own guru, and that each one of us have a deep ancient inner wisdom, that when awakened, we can access all we ever need.  Lisa is committed to supporting others in awakening and finding their inner truth, mastering the art of looking inward for the answers and trusting themselves.

Lisa has participated in several programs and workshops like Landmark Education, Mastery University with Tony Robbins, Yoga Teacher Training, and many other transformative workshops.  Although Lisa always knew herself to be an advocate and facilitator of transformation, the majority of her career was spent in corporate America and real estate. After half a lifetime of ignoring her purpose and gift Lisa has answered the call to embrace her life purpose and serve others.

Lisa believes that in each transition we have an opportunity for transformation.  Her life transitions have supported her in a journey of dismantling a lifetime of built illusions.  Finding her truth, focusing on igniting her inner strength, and finding her recipe for alignment.  She has studied and explored energy work and working with the chakra system and our masculine and feminine energy fields as part of her journey and integrates it into all of her work.

Lisa supports people with their overall wellness through a variety of modalities like nutrition, yoga, meditation, nutrition coaching, intuitive consulting, coaching, and energy work.

Lisa Saremi has been practicing yoga since 2005 and teaching since 2012.  She fell deeply in love with yoga, once she began to learn the deeper practice of yoga working with all the 8 limbs rather then just the physical asana practice. She uses yoga to support clearing the mind, body and spirit and integrating the 8 limbs system personally and in her teaching.  Her strong intuitive skills help her personalize the yoga experience to a specific group or person’s individual needs.  This becomes a journey of self discovery on the mat and she guides the individual incorporating proper alignment quests to keep it safe.  She also integrates yoga philosophy, meditation and breathe work to turn the yoga experience into a transformative experience.  She is available for private lessons, groups, parties and  individuals.  

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Lisa Saremi is a Certified Reiki II Practitioner and has been doing energy work now since 2012. Her Reiki Certification was passed down to her through 10 generations starting with the Reiki Master, Dr. Mikao Usui. During her journey of self discovery Lisa began to understand that she is sensitive to energy and has been since a child.  With a strong intuition and developing clairvoyance she followed her path to becoming a Reiki practitioner.  It began as after teaching yoga classes her students would mention they felt energy when she came near but to adjust them.  Reiki called her forth and from there she is being led to work with a variety of modalities.  Lisa specializes in working with the chakras and offers aura and chakra clearings.  In her reiki and energy healing practices she incorporates aromatherapy, intuitive readings, crystals, and sound therapy.  She works with her clients to help them understand their own energy better and how to incorporate rituals into their lives to best support their energetic alignment.

Lisa Saremi was guided to become a Certified Health Coach in 2011 as a part of her personal journey and path.  She received her certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition where she studied over 100 dietary theories, practical lifestyle management techniques and innovative coaching methods from some of the worlds top health and wellness experts. She say, “This was a time in my life where I wanted to learn the truth about food and more importantly what eating healthy meant for me.” Through her training she learned that each person is different and needs to learn how to dial into what eating rituals work best for them.  She learned about the power of cleansing and was inspired by her first cleanse to support taking others through a cleanse or detox program. Lisa has worked at the various David Wolfe conferences since 2013, supporting and meeting many different authors and experts in different parts of the world of health and wellness like Dr. Mercola, Marianne Williamson, Lissa Rankin, David Wolfe, Pegram Shoji, and many more.  Lisa loves to help people discover what works best for them when it comes to food and nutrition.  She does this through coaching, programs, cleanses and cooking classes. Book your free consultation and we can put together a perfect plan for you, with a holistic approach.  Addressing all your mind, body and spirit needs. Holistic Healing from the inside out.